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using parser package
  • As soon as I added parser, cloned it into packages folder and now I get error Fatal error: Class 'View' not found in /Users/zeljko/projects/bbapp/fuel/core/classes/error.php on line 171 I just started using Fuel, previously used CI. I am not sure what might be the issue here. Does anyone has idea? I did set it to autoload in config. Thanks.
  • I just want to mention, that the current download on the main page (1.1 RC1) does only contain an empty parser folder. I downloaded the the parser package from Github and it works just fine with Twig.
  • Parser and Email are optional packages, and therefore not included by default.
  • Lol, that's not the issue - Dan probably forgot to initialize those submodules before creating the zip.
  • Ah. Email and Parser are now included by default? Learing all the time... ;)
  • Looking at branches that are used, seems that my issue is that parser package is something that will fit into develop branch ie. it is a little ahead of current stable release. Am I correct?
  • The current stable release version 1.0.1 The development branch is currently 1.1 There are a number of key changes Class::factory() has been replaced by Class::forge() for example so check the development branch of the help. Phil.
  • OK, I kind of figured that already. Shame as I was looking forward to use haml for development.
  • And what is stopping you now?

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