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Calendar Package
  • Probably some bugs in it still, but here is a Calendar Package for Fuel 1.0. - Supports month, week, and day views
    - Supports multiple instances ( very little testing and don't know why you would really need it)
    - Can pass data and overwrite the default link to each date cell
    - Option to show navigation for previous/next month, week, and day views
    - Option to overwrite template in app/view/whatever/directory/you/want instead of just app/view
    - Default views use basic HTML5 - may want to overwrite if your app isn't made to support it.
    - There is no default styling Basic example:
    // some controller method
    public function action_calendar($view = null, $year = null, $month = null, $day = null)
        //setting config
        $config = array(
            'dates_as_links' => true,
            'navigation' => true,
            'navigation_url' => \Config::get('base_url').'events/view/calendar/',
            'viewpath' => 'events/content/',
        // passing data $key = date, $value = array()
        $data = array( 
            '12' => array( //$key = text or link - link will overwrite default 'dates_as_links' to this value
                'text' => 'this will appear in calendar day of 12',
                'link' => '' // #12 will now link to google
        $this->response->body = \Calendar::forge('calendar', $config)->build($view, $year, $month, $day, $data);
  • Has this been updated for 1.1? I personally haven't tested it yet as I'm at work ftm.
    Do you maybe have a demo?
  • Thank you, I will give this a try now using fuelphp version 1.7
  • I started updating fuel_calender for use with fuelphp version 1.7, So far I got the month view working, but still needs more updating. 
  • So the calendar is working with fuelphp 1.7 now.
    I also have the working, and NinjAuth package working as well. Thank you fuelphp developers. I am going integrate this calendar with Google API as a test.
  • NinjAuth is no longer needed, Auth has built-in support for Oauth.

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