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FuelPHP Tutorials???
  • Hi all, I m from CI background, trying to learn FuelPHP. Frankly it has not been easy as HMVC is a very new concept for me add to that namespaces. I think it would be great if someone writes a tutorials similar to CodeIgniters "Create a blog in 20 minutes", helps to get a clearer view of how to go about developing in Fuel. Looks promising but currently finding really hard to switch from CI as lack of tutorials. Are there any video tutorials. If someone can post some in-depth tutorials here, it would be nice. Thanks,
  • If you don't know how to use HMVC then you probably don't want to...

    Old thread, I know. But, I ran across this comment and had to respond. For those of you who don't know about HVMC and WANT to know about HMVC, I suggest taking some time to digest a couple of resources. You just might discover that HMVC could be the difference between the life and death of your delivery systems. I didn't know much about HMVC. But, I'm also not constrained by outside opinions. So I did some digging. What I came up with was such an eye opener that there will definitely be some internal discussions with a vendor about the performance of their systems and their lack of scalability. HMVC is about much more than plugging in chunks of html. A good read on HMVC and scalability - Somewhat unrelated but will definitely make you think - Read the article and watch the video. It WILL make you want to do more than you thought possible with HMVC. In fact, I'm exploring the idea of creating not a CMS (since some think, "we don't NEED another open source CMS") but, rather, an HMVC content delivery system. Edit: yea, ok, I have no idea where that winking smiley face came from. Something's amiss in a filter somewhere me thinks.
  • Yes, old thread indeed. But, I also have something to add.
    For those of you who are after FuelPHP tutorials and can read French, we've written a series of 6 articles,c,5.html.
  • This post also has some links to tutorials:
  • Thanks Huzzi, I already went through those links, these articles just give how to start in fuelPHP, but does not provide any information how and when to use various classes (e.g template), how to take advantage of HMVC and build small widgets and join them in your template as header, menu and footer (again i don't know how to implement it, but read the concept of HMVC).
    Also what changes to be done for migrating a project to production from development (seeing codebase i believe we have to do some htaccess stuff as to rewrite all urls to public folder not sure though) Sudesh
  • Hi Sudesh, I had problems in trying to understand the HMVC and Modules so created a project to test and to become familiar with Fuel. I have just updated my site which shows examples of using HMVC, modules and a common base controller. The source is available to download. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.
  • Here's a presentation I made .. I not sure if it's good enough. I hope it helps!
  • Thanks John and Philippines outsourcing, I think best answer for my question as of yet would be for me to try and build a basic CMS in FuelPHP. It would be a best way to learn which class (base, template) to use when, similarly for views (view, viewModel) and when to use modules and packages (Or wait for someone to write in-depth tutorial). Thanks to all again. Sudesh
  • If you don't know how to use HMVC then you probably don't want to. I very VERY rarely use HMVC, and this is mainly for showing error messages such as 404 without a redirect, or for grabbing API JSON without a second HTTP call. There is a second tutorial coming showing how to pull various parts of Fuel together to make admin panels and the like, but I have a lot on my plate which is pushing this second article back.
  • Hi Phil, The reason i m trying FuelPHP because of HMVC (also REST controller - currently in work), also HMVC seem to make lot of things easy like using lot of ajax updates (similar to facebook, using modules) on page without duplicate codes in your application (I m assuming here, that HMVC serves this purpose). Well I read your screencast on OIL and scaffolding, waiting for this new tutorial Sudesh
  • Are those 2 really the only tutorials available for FuelPHP? i've googled around and didnt find anything :/

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