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ErrorException [ Error ]: Call to a member function frozen() on a non-object
  • i get this error when i try to delete an object of model product which has a has_one relation with model pricedproducts
    Fatal error: Call to a member function frozen() on a non-object in /var/www/bexim/fuel/packages/orm/classes/hasone.php on line 188 this is what the fatal error reads. Please help me out EDIT: ... the link to some of the code which gives this problem EDIT2: ... the models involved EDIT3: if i change line 188 of orm/classes/hasone.php to this: "if ($model_to and ! $model_to->frozen())" from this "if (! $model_to->frozen())" .. things work fine , now waiting for jschreuder to help me out on this :P
  • changing line 188 of /packages/orm/classes/hasone.php Worked for me! Perhaps this should be changed in the ORM package... EDIT: looks like it's fixed in 1.1 ( )
  • ^^ I fixed it :D, though i kept pushing my bug-fix in the wrong branch and jschreuder had to correct that for me :P

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