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Observer_Self _event_after_save() fires twice
  • Hey, im using 1.0 dev and it seems _event_after_save() fires twice when its a related save. For example:
                $thread = Model_Thread::factory();
                $thread->title          = $form->validated('title');
                $thread->slug           = \Inflector::friendly_title($form->validated('title'), '-', true);
                $thread->user_id        = 1;
                $thread->node_id        = 2;
                $thread->posts[]        = Model_Post::factory(array(
                        'user_id'       => 1,
                        'node_id'       => 2,
                        'content'       => $form->validated('content'),

        public function _event_after_save()
            print_r('moo'); //is printed twice

    if it means anything 'before_save' has the same problem, 'before_insert'. works as expected.

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