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How do you do slightly more complex queries with ORM?
  • Hi guys, This is a reasonably straightforward SQL query that I'm trying to get running with ORM, but no luck....
    SELECT * FROM `nodes` WHERE `status` = 'published' AND (`nodetype_id` = 1 OR `nodetype_id` = 3 OR `nodetype_id` = 4)
    ORDER BY published_at DESC LIMIT 14
    Would any of you know how to do this?
    This is where I'm at.... $nodes = Model_Node::find('all', array(
    'where' => array(
    array('status', '=', 'published'),
    array('nodetype_id', '=', 1), //<--- Get lost here...
    'order_by' => array('published_at' => 'desc'),
    'limit' => 14,
    Thanks in advance, Leonard
  • guess this'll work ... $allowed_nodetype_ids = array(1,3,4);
    $nodes = Model_Node::find()->where('status', 'published')->where('nodetype_id', 'in', $allowed_nodetype_ids)->order_by('date', 'desc')->limit(14)->get();

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