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Installing from 'Develop' Branch
  • For those of you who wish to try out the development branch of FuelPHP, here are some quick installation instructions, using the command line, in 4 easy steps. Please remember, that the development branch is changing constantly, has bugs, and is therefore not recommended for production. 1) Go into the directory where you want to instal your development version of Fuel:
    > cd path/to/some/directory
    2) Using git, clone the development branch - including all submodules:
    git clone -b 1.1/develop --recursive git:// optional_project_name
    3) Go into your newly cloned directory:
    > cd fuel
    > cd optional_project_name
    4) Run the 'install' task with Oil:
    > php oil refine install

    You should now have a development installation of FuelPHP.

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