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How to implement "related items"?
  • I have a high regard for some of the thinkers here, so may I ask... I'm considering how to relate videos.
    I wonder how the big boys do it? When you see a video at YouTube, you see the engineers at google
    doing their best to second guess what you might like to see next.
    How? I have experience with my audience (adults).
    Say they are at
    All the users are posting their flowers in various poses and scenes. We all have flower preferences, some like the colour, others the scent, some like fat flowers and so on.
    But adults will invariably enter keywords like "flower".
    Then complain when they can't locate flower videos that cater to their whim. These same adults love forms.
    Instead of taxing their brains with seeking adjectives, I can present tons of checkboxes.
    Color, size, shape, scent, thickness etc. How do videos become related?
    If the checkboxes above were sets, then an intersection would indicate a relation?
    Are mysql sets an effective solution to relating content?
    Ultimately a human knows best and should be able to explicitly say so.
    Users know best too, if there was some way of getting it out of them. What is the software engineering / database solution to relating videos? All I have seen so far text field in each record, used to store keywords (tags).
    An sql LIKE statement fetches related videos on a search.
    Users enter keywords at upload and/or admins add them.
    I've also seen products that allow admins to specifically relate products.
    Both solutions are straightforward to implement.
    One is too time-consuming to administer, the other produces merely barely results. Just wondering aloud. Anyone got some good links to the topic?

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