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Release candidate 3 doesn't test well out of the box
  • Hey all, I've looked at rc3 and I'm getting some test errors with the Arr class. Everything seems to be configured right on my box and rc2 works without a glitch but somehow a few insects creeped their way into rc3. I've only discovered FuelPHP this morning and I'm about to start a real project with the framework in a few minutes (i figured the only way to see whether a framework works for you is by developing a real project with the tool). Still getting my db sketches right :P but in a few hours I'll be there. Up until now, the framework feels great, but test errors are bad critters to have in candidate releases ;).
    Anyways, the formatting toolbar on the posts page doesn't seem to do squat :S -- a bit frustrating. I'll be following the project on Github, and depending on tonight I might just get hooked ;).
  • You might, just maybe, want to try, one might think, v1.0.1 instead of a very outdated non-stable version.
  • Been there, done that. 2 test errors there. The errors are generated by the code that should generate the appropriate html anchor and image tags. On one computer I get just this the wrong image output: 1) Fuel\Core\Tests_Html::test_img
    Failed asserting that two strings are equal.
    --- Expected
    +++ Actual
    @@ @@
    -<img src="index.php/image.png" alt="image" />
    +<img src="image.png" alt="image" /> Didn't have those problems on rc2 On another box I get the same problem + the wrong output for the anchor tags.
  • Both were errors in the test, not in the framework code, and have been fixed in 1.1/develop. Result of 'php oil test':
    OK (251 tests, 202 assertions)
  • Thanks @WanWizard. It's all clear now! Thought I was doing something wrong there for a sec, but I'll just ignore the errors for now and fetch the coming 1.1/stable release in due time.
  • 1.1 is in feature freeze at the moment, expect a official release soon...
  • Love the new release (1.1.rc1).
    No test errors on my box for the core, only thing is that I'm having a bit of trouble running my own (app) tests. I have a feeling that it has to do with PHPUnit (not sure). It doesn't run the test code in --group=App. I once read a post in which someone recommended removing the testsuites for the core and packages (in phpunit.xml), but that was more of a "workaround" than a solution. I don't really think that removing the testsuites is what you guys intended, however; I did try that and had to following error msg:
    Error - Neither "app.php" nor "app.php" could be opened. in /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Util/Skeleton/Test.php on line 102 Are there any tips to tackle this problem? I'll keep looking into it, but if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. My system is probably a bit broken. I'll just try to clean and fix her up.

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