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Model Edit - "Property "updated_at" not found for Model_Cv_Question"
  • Hey Guys, I've got a few forms on the same page, generated by a ViewModel.
    The original CRUD code was generated using oil, and I haven't changed any of the code for them.
    When I'm trying to do an edit on a particular model, I get this error back; OutOfBoundsException [ Error ]: Property "updated_at" not found for Model_Cv_Question. Any idea's of why this would happen ?
  • You've probably added the Observer_UpdatedAt without having added a property for it to use.
  • I see in the Model file created by oil has this code in. 'Orm\Observer_CreatedAt' => array('before_insert'),
    'Orm\Observer_UpdatedAt' => array('before_save'), How do I add that property when saving ? or can I take it out of the model ?
  • The column needs to be present in the table, no way to save it otherwise. Adding it to the model is like any other property:
    Or if you don't use the $_properties setting and just mysql auto-detect, adding the column to the DB would be enough.
  • Makes a bit more sense! Great stuff, thanks for the help again Jelmer.
    Got it working by adding a updated_ad field.

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