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weird subselect
  • I checking the query string from a query and I can see a weird subselect I have 2 tables: users and userType1 ( users $_has_one userType1)
    when I do a search like this Model_User::find()->related( 'userType1')->where_open()->where( '', 'like', '%a%' )->where_close()
    the select looks like this
    SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0) AS `t0` LEFT JOIN `userType1` AS `t1` ON (`t0`.`id` = `t1`.`user_id`) WHERE ( `t1`.`name` LIKE '%w%') why is there a subselect here ? why not this?
    SELECT * users LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0 AS `t0` LEFT JOIN `userType1` AS `t1` ON (`t0`.`id` = `t1`.`user_id`) WHERE ( `t1`.`name` LIKE '%w%') Also it breaks the pagination as the limit offset should be placed in the main select
    Thx guys
  • Searching helps as I've explained this about 20 times already. But in short: if you place the limit on the join result you can't fetch to-many relations as they would limit the number of rows instead of the number of returned objects. For those who want to limit the number of rows there is a function rows_limit() you can use instead of limit(). Search one of the older topics if you want to see more about alternatives and more reasoning why this choice was made.

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