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Uri class - string function
  • I have an idea about the Uri::string() function in the Uri class. This is the default setup.
    // Example URL: http://localhost/controller/method
    echo Uri::string(); // returns controller/method

    My idea is to add params to the function to remove segments.
    // Example URL: http://localhost/controller/method/param1?abc=123
    echo Uri::string(); // returns controller/method/param1?abc=123
    echo Uri::string(-1); // returns method/param1?abc=123
    echo Uri::string(0, -1); // returns controller/method?abc=123
    echo Uri::string(-1, -1); // returns method?abc=123

    Is this a good idea? If not why not?
  • I don't think this will be something many people need, and if you want it the code isn't that hard to write:
    implode('/', array_slice(Uri::segments(), 1, 3));
    Though you did just make me realize the Uri::segments() method is missing, or I'm forgetting where it is...
  • You are right it is not that hard to code. YES, that is what I am missing Uri::segments(); The array does exist though.

    I'll make an issue about missing segments function.

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