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Using Orm\Validation_Observer, how do I find out what field failed validation?
  • Hi guys, So I decided to validate user input in the model using the Orm's Validation_Observer, but how do I get it to tell me which field failed validation? My model...
    class Model_User extends Orm\Model {
        $_observers = array('\\Orm\Observer_Validation');
        $_properties = array(
            'name' => array('validation' => array('required')),
            'email' => array('validation' => array('required'))
    Following the example in the midde of this docs page...
    class Controller_User extends Controller 
            public function action_create () {
                $user = new Model_User();
                $user->name = NULL;
                $user->email = '';
                try {
                } catch (ValidationFailed $e) {
                    echo $e -> getMessage();
    If I visit "user/create", all I see is a blank screen. I looked under the hood, and not that I'm a php super-programmer or anything, but it looks like the Orm package is "throwing away" all the goodness of the Fieldset's error messages on line 87 of Fuel/packages/orm/classes/observer/validation.php. The ValidationFailed exception it throws just extends Fuel's base exception which in turn doesn't do anything but extend PHP's native exception. Am I doing something wrong or missing a key configuration option? Should I validate in my controller instead? Thanks for the help!
  • Hi, you are not setting up your models properly, you can give labels and all in the $_properties array look at the docs on creating orm models for more info
  • Ignore kapv89, the $_properties array look right. You aren't catching the Exception, you are trying to catch ValidationFailed which doesn't exist - it's Orm\ValidationFailed. In v1.1 you'll be able to fetch the Fieldset instance from the exception using $e->get_fieldset() from which you can get the validation instance: $e->get_fieldset()->validation().
  • @kapv89,
    Thanks for the input, but even when I included other elements in my $_properties array (like label, data_type, etc), it didn't give me any more info in the exception's message. @jelmer,
    Awesome. Thanks for the heads up about 1.1. I was on 1.0-rc3. I updated to 1.1-rc1, and the get_fieldset() method fixed my problem. (WRT the exception's namespace, I copied the code into my question incorrectly. I did use the namespace in my code. I just forgot to write it in my post. Doh!). Am I the first person to have this issue (or the only one too dumb to figure out a work-around haha)? I'm just curious (I'm new to MVC) but do you/most people validate in the controller? I feel like some validation (e.g., making sure the confirm_password fields is the same as the password field) belongs in the controller, but most validation (e.g., making sure a user's password is valid or a user's name is valid) belongs in the model. Thanks for a great framework (as a senior developer, it's awesome that you take the time to answer questions)!

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