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Install impossible with Command Line
  • hi !
    I'm french and I discover this Framework. I want test and I choose install with this command $ curl | sh
    Doc here : But It's not working. I've got this message : $ curl | sh
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 244 100 244 0 0 185 0 0:00:01 0:00:01 --:--:-- 1525
    Password: ***********
    sh: /usr/bin/oil: Permission denied
    chmod: /usr/bin/oil: No such file or directory I install with the zip file but I want test this method. Thanks and I'm sorry for my poor english ^^ See Ya TefDesign
  • As said above, when it asks for your password it won't show you're typing it. Simply enter your password and hit return. If this doesn't work, type 'sudo' before your command above mentioned by Phil and try, this will most definitely ask for a password. Then you'll be able to run the oil commands, such as oil create 'appname' Hope it works!
  • Mac what? I am fine running:
    curl | sh
  • On which platform?
  • Ooops !! I'm sorry :P
    I'm on Mac. Thanks :)
  • These instructions are for linux. If it works on a Mac (and how) I don't know, I don't own one. Maybe someone else can comment?
  • My problem is quite similar !! When I try running the command : gurl | sh
    They ask for a password but I can't write anything...I don't understand why... I'm on a mac too !
  • it means you are a total noob in mac os)
    just type your admin password and hit enter)
  • Thanks WanWizard :) Someone else can comment please ? Thanks
  • Try sudo curl | sh

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