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Please help with Devlopment design stratergy ?
  • Hi there, i have been working on a personal project, and i got a question to ask . My project requires the use of forms, multiple forms, and some of these forms, share information. That is some fields (or questions) in form a , would also be available in form b, c , d etc.. Some of these forms can contain up to 200 fields (or questions). These fields are also categorized . For example
    Patient info: could have a group of say 10 fields
    patients diagnosis: say another 10 fields
    patients blah blah : another 15 fields ..... etc Ok on to my question, please what would be the best route to designing my tables in the database. should i break each category into diffrent tables ?
    if so, how or what would be the best way to relate all these categories together to form a specific form e.g form a ? mind you there could be more than 50 of these so called categories or questions. Or Should i break each form into separate tables?
    and then the fields/questions that are the same accross the forms into another table ? Forgot to mention that all the forms are date sensitive that is all the forms should be field within a certain time frame. Crap i dont know how to ask the my question Basically should i just have a table for each form (up to about 200 fields) ? Or should i separate out the common questions into different tables ? I ask this because i would love to take advantage of orm, and would like to know if its best to use in this seniaro . Thanks in advance

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