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How do I set a model observer from outside of the model
  • Title says it all. For example, lets say I have a plugin system, utilizing modules, and I want them to be able to subscribe to or "hook" into some of my app's models. What's the best way to do this in Fuel? Thanks!
  • Please excuse me. I wasn't real clear as to what I'm looking for. Currently, you can register an observer by adding something like this to your model:
    class Model_Comment extends \Orm\Model {
        protected static $_properties = array('id', 'email', 'url', 'content');
        protected static $_table_name = 'comments';
        protected static $_observers = array(
            'example', // will call Observer_Example class for all events
            'Orm\\Observer_CreatedOn' => array('before_insert'), // will only call Orm\Observer_CreatedOn at before_insert event

    But, what I want to do is, register an observer for a model OUTSIDE of the model, not inside the model like in the code shown above. Something like how the Event class works I guess. Theoretically, I would have to register the observer somewhere like so:
    Model_Comment::register_observer('Observer_Akismet', array('events' => array('before_save')));

    I have done some sifting through the Orm and haven't been able to find such a method. Does anyone know if something is scheduled for the future? Thanks for the help!
  • Please add a feature request for this at
  • An observer is anything that is callable, to it could be a closure, an object definition ( like array($object, 'method) ) or a static method ( "class::method" ). See on what PHP considers a valid callback.

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