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Fuel routing question
  • Hi I asked this Kohana question on StackOverflow: --
    I've been thinking how to make something like this in Kohana: the "variable" is the identifier for a user. So, is this possible? If yes, can you point me to the right direction, please? Thanks. -- Got this answer (which I believe is correct) What's the corresponding Fuel route settings that's equivalent to that one?
  • is it support full domain ,
    like to show not the same content.
  • one of two ways you could build dynamic routing or you could do something like this
    '(:any)'      => 'page/view$1',
    this will allow any url to use the page view controller/action. If you need to still define other routes do this
     'home'      => 'page/home',
     'about'      => 'page/about',
     '(:any)'      => 'page/view$1',

    The key thing to remember is routing is accessed in order so if you use (:any) before a declared route ie home; then it will follow the route of any instead of home. For more info check out
  • Thanks. Will try this out.

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