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Load many-to-many relationship
  • Having trouble loading a relationship. Trying the following methods:
      //$locations = User::find_one_by_id($id)->related('locations')->get();
      $locations = User::find()->related('locations')->where('user_id', 3)->get_one();
      //$locations = User::query()->related('locations')->where('user_id', 3);
      //$locations = $data['user']->related('locations')->get();
      \Log::error("user locations: ".print_r($locations,true));

    Get the following error:
    Call to undefined method Model\User::related()

    Table is users_locations with user_id and location_id as the columns and primary key. The User model has the following defined:
     protected static $_many_many = array(
      'locations' => array(
       'key_from' => 'id',
       'key_through_from' => 'user_id',
       'table_through' => 'users_locations', 
       'key_through_to' => 'location_id', 
       'model_to' => 'Location',
       'key_to' => 'id',
       'cascade_save' => true,
       'cascade_delete' => false,

    Location model also has that variable defined but in the reverse direction. Using version 1.0 right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Possibility 1, based on the error: You're not using the ORM but Model_Crud, the latter does just what it says: CRUD - no relational mapping. Possibility 2, based on the error and on the first method in your list: you get the object returned by User::find_one_by_id($id) on which you can't call related() - and it should be User::find_by_id($id) (that's a difference between the Orm & Model_Crud), which can be shortened to User::find($id). User::query()->related() and User::find()->related() (without params for find()) couldn't give that error as both return an Orm\Query object and thus wouldn't give that error. The last one could give that error if $data contains a Model\User object as the Orm\Model class doesn't have a related() method.
  • You are right Jelmer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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