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install on windows7
  • I'm trying to install fuelpphp on my computer, with wamp, I can't make the commande php oil runnig, when I do it nothing happen, I've already change my envireonments variables... I've php install on a disk, wamp and fuel on another disk... Idon't know... I also try to run it with cygwin but the commande sudo does'nt work as well... can someone help me
  • I´m beginner and don´t know some terms.
    what is it git?
    what is it git-bash?
    What do I need to have installed to get it started on windows?
    Know of tutorials for Windows? Thanks I apologize for bad english.
  • Have you tried Google? search for 'git': the first result is the correct one
    search for 'git-bash': the first result is the correct one, the second one a good tutorial You can also opt for an IDE, such as PHPStorm, which has built-in support for git, and direct access to github repositories.
  • If anyone is interested...Installation of oil on windows using cygwin. 1. Install cygwin and preferably git,ssh and curl at the same time
    2. Append the 'cygwin/bin/' catalog to window environment variable PATH
    3. Run cygwin/bin/bash.exe
    4. Enter the following command in the console window
    curl | sed 's/sudo/\$\@' | sh

    And you should be all set.
  • On Windows, you will have to use /path/to/php.exe oil, from the directory oil is in. If you do that, does the help page show? If not, what does ( i.e. what's your definition of "nothing" )?
  • all you can do is download the source, extract it to the /c/wamp/www, and do the following, 1. install first the git, 2. open the git-bash 3. add alias to php something like this $ alias php=/c/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.8/php.exe
    $cd /c/wamp/www/fuel you can now use php with like this
    $php oil refine migrate please note that you cannot this command
    1. curl | sh
    2. oil create blog
    because this command install oil to the filesystem for linux or osx only, i hope this helps...
  • tanks for your answer, i went crazy with window so I ended by doing my project on a mac computer, where everything work fine in almost fews minutes. Sorry for the wast of time.
  • Link below explains how to run php from cmd.exe, you have to add the path for php to the environment variables in windows. E.g. "C:\php\php.exe;" (add at the start of Path variable, without "" :p) Once added:
    1. Open cmd.exe
    2. Type "cd path\to\fuelphp" to navigate to the FuelPHP directory
    3. Type php oil help Hope this helps
  • @coax, just sharing how i works on windows,.. :) it may not be standard environment, but i'm comfortable working with it,.. @arbme, i don't use something like that for some reason, i don't wanna messed up with windows, hahaha, when windows messed up, its totally messy... :) i prefer to do some commands manually than editing system setups...
  • @reith2004 , haha yeah I hear you, windows is prone to errors/failers when changing system settings, but its a simple edit that just allows you to run php in cmd without the pain of having to type the full path for every command. But most prefer Git Bash. cmd.exe is your friend :)

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