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Thoughts on Fuelphp driven CMS. Again :)
  • I just cant let it off my mind so i will share thoughts on this - time to time repeating topic. I recently read Phil's comment on PyroCMS forums about PyroCMS and Fuelphp But i think following discussion is more appropriate here in Fuelphp forums not PyroCMS. I agree with Phil, that PyroCMS rewrite will take a long time and there are lot of other issues, which makes no point of doing that right now.
    However it is just matter of time while there will appear more CMS systems based on Fuelphp as it popularity grows so rapidly. There are already few started, however they all have one thing in common, they end development quite early.
    Here are few:
    If anyone knows more, please share... I am sure almost every fuelphp developer have some kind of admin cms for their projects.
    Maybe there is a point of gather some fuelphp developers and contributors together, share thoughts and ideas, and create some "Simple, flexible, community driven php 5.3 web CMS based on fuelphp" ? Otherwise we will see more and more new fuelphp driven CMS systems appearing and dying within few months.
  • You should ask yourself: why are you making a CMS? If it's for fame and fortune don't bother. It's taking me years of bootstrapping and hustling to get PyroCMS to where it is and you won't get there quickly without a lot of funding. If it's to potentially make websites quicker then you're doing it wrong. The CMS is a product of the work you are already doing, not the other way around. PyroCMS was the first CodeIgniter CMS to actually make it to maturity. Loads came along and never went anywhere - CI CMS, BlazeCMS, Another CodeIgniter CMS - all died within a month or two because people were making them just for the sake of it. I've seen handfuls of developers start building their own CodeIgniter CMS then realise it's a waste of time and start using PyroCMS. Others such as IonizeCMS and FuelCMS continue to chug along but are mainly tools of a business and have different aims. FuelPHP does not NEED an CMS right now, as it already has admin generation and with scaffolding and orm it's so quick to go RAD that it's not really worth it. I've never used a CMS in Rails and I don't feel at a loss. If you DO want to get involved in an active product made for all the right reasons then go and join WanWizard on ExciteCMS. I might convert PyroCMS 3.0 to FuelPHP in a year or two if things change, but there's no real need right now. It's not about the work, its about where the product stands.
  • We are company of four developers, who develop web aplications starting from simple websites and ending with advanced and custom client web applications. We are looking for CMS for same reason we finally decide to use community driven framework rather than our own. For few years we used our own framework, but because there are so few of us, it is hard to maintain and keep up to date and improve our framework and in the same tame make successful application for clients. That is reason why we decided to choose community driven framework and we are really happy, that few months ago we chosen fuelphp becaouse of its simplicity and flexibility. You can really even enjoy coding with fuelphp. The same for the CMS. We have four to five different admin interfaces for different kind of projects, and by every new project we have ideas what to improve and every time create a bit different version, improve something, remove somerthing and so on. And it is again hard to maintain it and keep up to date for all the projects. What we are looking is for unified administration interface with some standard functionality (like blog, categories, authorization, main settings). And some kind of modular system or hooks, so that you can easilly add your custom modules (like ecommerce, projects and tasks, whatever) and don't think of a small details (like paging, forms, tables, interface and form handling stuff) anymore and concentrate on your project only. And also doesn't forget to contribute and help improving fuelphp as much as we can. By unifiying development and using standart tools helps for project development a lot, by last year we moved from svn to git, from own fw to fuelphp, and it was amazing gain in experience and quality... So only thing left un-unified is CMS. That is why we are looking for it. So the answer is - not for fame, not for fortune, but to unify development environment.
  • Great. I put those points in to be certain you're doing it for the right reason. Only 10% of the CodeIgniter CMS attempts were any good for those reasons, but you have the right reason to make one. So I've made a few admin backends in FuelPHP already (one on Mongo and two on MySQL) and I took those bits, put them together and made Admin Generation for Oil. That was handy! The rest is so easy to throw together I almost dont feel the need for it. The Auth driver lets you make admin restrictions easy enough and the scaffolding makes a damn quick blog, but there is room to build on top. I'd start from the generated code and build something internally with you and yourself until it's at a decentish level. Then open it up and see what people say. If you try and open it from Day-0 you'll have a "death by committee' piece of junk that gets nowhere. Make something that is useful for you then open it up.
  • Phil Sturgeon wrote on Sunday 11th of December 2011:
    If you try and open it from Day-0 you'll have a "death by committee' piece of junk that gets nowhere. Make something that is useful for you then open it up.

    Very good point. That is why we see thousands of apps in github for example with initial or few commits only. We already have some initials cms app, however there is quite different approach needed if you are planning to open it up later, rather than keep it just for your own custom project development. Need to think about that.
  • Different people looking for fuelphp based CMS from time to time, but it is not exist yet... Hmmm...
  • Well, several exist, but most are not Open Source, because they are made by companies to make money.

    The only one I know that is available for download is
  • >The only one I know that is available for download is

    This one came off too far from fuelphp... it's difficult to find fuel inside novius-os ;-)
  • In any full-blown CMS it would be difficult to add standard components of the underlying framework.

    In our application framework it is also impossible to just throw a standard controller in and expect it to work, it needs components that are especially written.

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