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Understanding file structure to put controller, model and view
  • Hello! I've just discovered FuelPHP this december.
    I am a CodeIgniter developer where file structure is simple and it is easy to know where to put my files for controllers, models and views. With FuelPHP, I don't know! There are several folders of views in "app" and I wonder what are controller-model-view folders in "core" for? I am looking for a tutorial for CodeIgniter developers to answer several questions like:
    - what is the equivalent of librairies?
    - what is the equivalent of hooks? helpers?
  • try the following links. Fuelphp 002 - folders explanation Fuelphp for codeigniter developers Also, don't forget to check out all the tutorials on this thread. hope this helps.
  • So, there are no helpers notion (and folder) loke in CI! I keep on searching equivalent tutos about "fuelphp for CI developers" because this link is not enough! But thanks for the youtube link and the other link. Tomorrow, I'm attacking the fuel crash course! Question:
    Is ACM (Access Control Manager) already managed in FuelPHP?
    What about file upload and image upload + resizing?
  • I think Phil recently put a new tutorials on NetTuts+ ( FuelPHP contains an optional Auth package, which provides the ACM basics, and is easily extendible to suit your needs. If you need more, there are two third-party packages (Warden and Sentry) that have more features. File uploading and upload processing is provided by the Upload class, Image manipulation by the Image class.
  • Ok thanks WanWizard, I'm reading Phil tuts. In fact, my real problem with the file structure is my confusion between fuel/app/views and fuel/app/classes/view !
  • app/views stores your view files, app/classes/view your viewmodel classes. Just remember that anything in app/classes must be a class.

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