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How to learn Fuelphp routing
  • OK, it is important to understand URI routing, especially for beginner. I had started to learn and use this framwork one month ago. And first a few hours, for routing touble. :D And a few days ago, I had a trouble about this. So to understand routing and kill my bugs, I tried to find good idea. Then, I got an idea, made one small controller like this:
      class Controller_Testroute extends Controller &#123;
        function action_index() &#123;

    And temporary all controllers and actions changed to this class/action on app/config/routes.php. This small code show information to debug/understand routing of fuel. Specially 'path' show matched pattern. Now the time to use your eye-balls(for docs) and hands(to type) and a head(to understand) with Fuelphp routing. Try those: Q1: This code don't work to intend. Why? and How correct it? in routes.php... ':year' => 'calendar/yearly',
    ':year/:month' => 'calendar/monthly',
    ':year/:month/:day' => 'calendar/daily', Q2: If you successfully corrected Q1 pattern, add route to 404 when more than 4 segments specified. Q3: Alter with Q1 pattern. This also don't work. Why? How correct? 'blog' => 'blog/index',
    'blog/(:any)' => 'blog/anything/$1',
    'blog/post/(:num)' => 'blog/create/$1', Q4: Now Fuelphp version.1.1, and/or .../HELLO, and/or .../HeLLo don't match this. How specify a pattern like non case-sensitivity? (Basically, capital URL is not good by historical reason about old file name system. So just try as funny question.) (Tips : It is just regular expression problem.) 'hello' => 'welcome/index', Q5: What segment match with this route pattern? (not only abc/def/xyz patter. fine more. Tips: Which difference between :any and :segment?) 'abc/(:any)/xyz' => 'dummy/things/$1', Q6: Final question. Correct this to work properly. (Non defined patterns must go to 404.) ':categorya' => 'index/show/1',
    ':categorya/:categoryb' => 'index/show/2',
    ':categorya/:categoryb/:categoryc' => 'index/show/3',
    ':categorya/:categoryb/(:num)' => 'index/showboth/$3',
    ':categorya/:categoryb/:categoryc/(:num)' => 'index/showall/$4',
    'blog' => 'blog/index',
    'about' => 'blog/about',
    'signup' => 'user/create',
    'login' => 'user/login',
    'logout' => 'user/logout',
    'blog/post' => 'blog/create',
    'blog/post/(:any)' => 'blog/create/$1', For beginner, use your hands, use your eyes, use your head. There are funny questions to solve. And you can get a lot of idea about routing. Change all controller/action to testroute/index in routes.php and try them. Have a fun! P.S.
    I'm not good English writer, so sorry to understand my writing. ML Hirohisa Kawase
  • On my first post, I gave some question about fuelphp routing. Before I used named parameter like ':area1', ':area2' on some questions. But it made error. So now changed to 'areaa', 'areab' to prevent errors. What I did. I never said it was any error, because no explain I can use numeric character on named parameter. Just correct my code(questions).
  • So if I understand correctly, the issue is that ":area1" doesn't give an error, but simply doesn't work, because it has a number in it?
  • Yes. But I don't know 'doesn't work'. The document don't say I can use number in name. And someone want to know about fuel routing see this topic, and find they can't use number in their named parameter. ;) That's all.
  • We'll have a look at why it doesn't work. Probably the way the name is detected.
  • Um.... There is bug on this forum system. A character '[' changed to '{' after repeated edition on the post.
  • We know. Will be fixed shortly...
  • I used named parameter with num like 'area1', but it is not able to. An error happen. So I changed named parameter included all alphabetic character on Q6.
  • Can you explain exactly what you mean? What did you do? What didn't work?

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