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  • Hello community, Last weeks I was moving my site from drupal 7 to fuel. Its a multilingual online blog (only greek content for the moment) I did that mostly for educational purposes (learn fuel and decide if I will switch from CI). - I used ORM, Auth (Simpleauth), Parser (for markdown) packages
    - I went the modular way. I developed a taxonomy module, blog module etc.
    - I used caching, tasks and most of the core classes. The whole development process was really fun. Fuelphp is smooth and helps keep everything clean What I did not like was some concepts of the Asset class. I will discuss it elsewhere. I also encountered a problem with the ORM relation which was fixed in the latest version. But apart from that everything worked as expected. Not to mention tha the site now is 10x faster and needs multiple times less resources.
  • A Huzz wrote on Wednesday 21st of December 2011:
    lexx, do you think you will stick with fuelphp or try CI as well?
    I have many projects built with CI but I dont think that I would begin a new one with it. From now on fuel is my game :P The code is more organized, I write less and I write better... so..
  • Any chance on open sourcing this? For everyone's learning purpose too ;) Seriously I'm really interested as I work on multi-lang sites a lot (french / english mainly) Good job !
  • Thanks! Of course I would like to open source it. Ill do it as soon as I find the chance and post the link here. It would be a great way to let me know of any mistakes Ive made. I am pretty sure there will be many... :) For now I can say to you that my multilingual approach is very basic. Every post has a language. The ui takes the current lang from the uri and loads the stuff it has to.
  • Once you open source it I'll look at it and give my feedback for sure.
  • lexx, do you think you will stick with fuelphp or try CI as well?
  • That would be a large step back... ;)

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