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Threetune - Virtual Fortune Cookies From Twitter Tweets
  • Originally an application I built on Codeigniter but then decided to try and port over to FuelPHP as a learning exercise. It took about 10 minutes to port over to FuelPHP, and the codebase was reduced dramatically in the process. When I set out to convert Threetune I had no prior Kohana or FuelPHP experience, so some things were a little weird coming from Codeignier. Basically I fetch and then cache 100 tweets from the Twitter's search API in JSON format. I then choose a random tweet from cache and display the message. I am searching for tweets via a randomised array of keywords and then displaying it in a fortune cookie looking way. I haven't got any code uploaded anywhere, but if anyone would like the code let me know and I'll throw it up somewhere for you to look at. Check it out here:
  • It seems like the error is back =/
  • That issue has been resolved. It's because of a line I added to my .htaccess file for Mediatemple hosting to use the latest version of PHP 5.3. I had two different conflicting rules somehow and it broke everything.
  • Frank DeJonge wrote on Saturday 26th of March 2011:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in /nfs/c06/h05/mnt/98016/domains/ on line 9

    This error is still active.
  • This is because by default Mediatemple only supports PHP 5.2. So I have to add AddHandler php5latest-script .php to my .htaccess file to make it use PHP 5.3. For some reason whenever I change PHP versions on other sites, it resets the PHP directive on the Threetune domain. It has since been fixed again! Thanks for letting me know.
  • error?
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ')' in /nfs/c06/h05/mnt/98016/domains/ on line 9
  • Gilles De Mey wrote on Friday 26th of August 2011:
    It seems like the error is back =/

    Delayed response, but yeah. The aforementioned issue again. I changed a PHP version on another site and Mediatemple seems to reapply directives for PHP 5.2 instead of 3, so Fuel can't run. Fixed it up yet again and for some reason have some routing issues now. I'm not too concerned really, it's more of a test project than a serious one.

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