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Many To Many relationship with same nested Many To Many relationship
  • My first topic is immediately a question, so I first want to say how awesome this framework is. I have created a Post Model and a Tag Model with ORM. A Post can have many Tags and vice versa, so they have a many to many relationship. I would like to find all posts having a specific tag. But I want to also fetch all tags for each post in the same database call, so I thought of this; $query = Model_Tag::query();
    // Find the tag by slug
    $query->where('slug', '=', $slug);
    // Get the related posts for this tag and order them by creation date.
    $query->order_by('posts.created_at', 'desc');
    // Fetch the tags for each post
    $query->related('posts.tags')); But this seems to be wrong, nothing is returned at all (seems to get in some sort infinite loop).

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