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Removing Models/Controllers/Views
  • Hi! Is there a prefered way to remove MVC components from web application using oil utility?
    Or, do I simply delete files that relate to specific component and continue?
  • afaik Oil does not have a removal option. Just delete them by hand.
  • A-ha. OK. But maybe You should consider including such a command... Let me present You with a Use Case scenario:
    A person is developing a web application and after creating some models using scaffolding to give one self a running start he or she decides that one or some of them are not properly named/modeled and descides to change a Model name and/or definition of one.
    He or she deletes number of files that oil magically created and defines new Model. We cleaned up file system from old remains but there still remains table definition and maybe data in the database with the old table name. oil refine remove <model_name> or oil refine purge/delete <model_name>
    could remove files from the file system and drop tables from the database. What do You think about this?
  • Add it as a feature request on, including your use-case.
  • OK. Thanks!

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