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Packages gone?
  • Not sure I've missed something, but I've just cloned the latest versin of fuel and oil no longer has 'packages'? Is there a new way of installing packages now?
  • what exactly do you do when it gives you that?
  • i'm in my project root here are a couple of screenshots of me just calling oil on it's own I was trying to install the twitter package, but it gives me this ... Have I missed some steps out from the setup?
  • I don't see anything wrong with the first two screenshots, the oil command returns a help screen if no commands are passed. And the package command indeed doesn't work anymore. We've noticed that recently, but are still looking to why it was removed an by whom. It could have been in preparation for our new packaging system, but that has been postponed to v2.0. I've reverted the functionality, so if you install again "oil package" should work again.
  • I can see it now thanks a lot for your help.
  • You might not have followed the instructions. Both the core and all packages are git submodules:
    git clone --recursive git://
    git submodule update --init
  • I'm on ubuntu 10.04 / php5.3 and when I follow the installation instructions on this page I get the following output from oil Usage:
    php oil [cell|console|generate|refine|help|test] Runtime options:
    -f, # Overwrite files that already exist
    -s, # Skip files that already exist
    -q, # Supress status output
    -t, # Speak errors in a robot voice
    --env # Specify the fuel environment Description:
    The 'oil' command can be used in several ways to facilitate quick development, help with
    testing your application and for running Tasks. Documentation:
    x x x

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