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why not using global namespaces
  • i do not see the reasons behind the current structure of namespaces in fuel. To clarify my meaning is that php functions already sit in the global space and then when you guys use a default php function you lock it into the fuel namespaces. Thus now giving the php interpreter the added processes of converting a php default spaced function into a fuel spaced function. This might not be a concern now but when larger applications get built on top of fuel and they use there defined namespaces witch probably won't be spaced properly as they will mostly follow the fuel convention. This will now build more spaces for what is should be default php. This is also posted in the manual about global spaces
    Without any namespace definition, all class and function definitions are placed into the global space - as it was in PHP before namespaces were supported. Prefixing a name with \ will specify that the name is required from the global space even in the context of the namespace.

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