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  • We've just finished moving from a custom framework to FuelPHP. It's a tool that lets people find out about local businesses and cruise times from Southampton as well as local tourist news.
    It integrates
    - FuelPHP
    - Fuel: Ninjauth (with a couple of adaptations)
    - Fuel: Wrench
    - Fuel: SimpleAuth (with a couple of adaptations)
    - Custom fuel-based CMS - MySQL GIS
    - Sphinx real-time geospacial searching
    - Google Maps
    - HTML5 Geolocation
    - jQuery Drag&Drop;
    More less-significant things too. Take a look, let me know what you think or if you can think of improvements :) Rob
  • cool... like it. very clean design. Only thing i would say is the icons on the map quite big..
  • A Huzz wrote on Monday 23rd of January 2012:
    Only thing i would say is the icons on the map quite big..
    Thanks for the feedback :) They icons tie in to a physical map pack so they need to be legible, we'll bear it in mind for future improvements, though :)
  • Hi Rob,

    did you used a special package for the "sphinx search" part, i'm looking to find a good one for a project i have.


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