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Example of index.php
  • Hello, I am new to Ubuntu & Fuel. I've been looking forward to getting my hands dirty with Fuel, but have been having a really tough time getting out of the gate. Can someone please post an example of what their index.php file looks like? The documentation says "Edit the paths in index.php to point to your app, core & packages directories." But when viewing the index.php, I'm unsure what should be editted. For example,
    * Website document root
    * Path to the application directory.
    define('APPPATH', realpath(__DIR__.'/../fuel/app/').DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

    Exactly what section should be replaced with my server-side path? Thank you for your help,
  • You should not edit anything, unless you have deviated from the default folder structure. In your snippet, APPPATH is defined as "from the current folder, go one up, then go to fuel/app". If that is not where your "app" folder lives, you have to modify this define. Same goes for COREPATH and PKGPATH.
  • Thank you WanWizard! Rookie mistake. I made a very poor assumption that my host has PHP 5.3 installed. They rock PHP 5.2 which is why I'm not seeing what I should be. Thank you very much for your help. -John

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