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fiels issue
  • I want to create a table with an enum field
    exemple:oil generate model sgss titrefr:varchar[255] titreit:varchar[255] document:varchar[255] date:date categorie:enum('manuel','procedure','instruction', 'annexe', 'formulaire')
    but it give me an sql syntax error, can someone tell me where i can find a documentation about field to do my command with all sort of field
    thanks you
  • Simply searching for enum would have found you as first result.
  • I used "sql field" as keyword research, bad key word
    thank you
  • now I have the problem with set value
    oil generate model annonce titre:varchar[255] contenu:text date:date moderer:set[oui,non] nom:varchar[100] prenom:varchar[100] email:string tel:varchar[255] gives me an error and I don't find any post about it... can you help me again
    thank you
  • what is 'set'? You specify enum values using "moderer:enum[oui,non]", not using set. Like explained in the post I linked.

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