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CGarchitect - Architectural Visualization Community
  • Hi all, I'm very happy to show off the new site my company Ballistiq just launched for CGarchitect. We used Fuel 1.01 for the project. 44848.jpg This is a pretty large community site that we had to build from scratch using FuelPHP. Users and content was imported from the site's forums, which has about 100,000 members and 20,000 gallery items. Major features: Totally social - Members can share news links, images, videos.
    When posting a link, the app will automatically get information about the link and generate a thumbnail. We even wrote a script that will automatically take screenshots of a website link. Sharing videos will automatically embed the YouTube/Vimeo video inline. Images can be large - really large to cater for the high resolutions in this industry. The app will automatically resample/crop images. The world's largest architectural visualization gallery
    You will lose hours of productivity gawking at these: CMS
    A full blown CMS was built for CGarchitect to be able to post their own content and manage static pages. Integration with VBulletin forums
    We wrote an integration for VBulletin forums so that for users it is a totally seamless experience. More features are here. The app was built in FuelPHP 1.01. We love fuel and we continue to use it on our PHP projects. Thanks for checking this out. Leonard Teo
    CEO/Developer, Ballistiq Digital
  • Why didn't you use the forum package? … Haha, I'm just kidding. Very nice. Has a mix of modern blog and 'zine.
  • Very impressive site, congrats! Did you use Fuelphp framework for the CMS?
  • A Huzz wrote on Tuesday 7th of February 2012:
    Very impressive site, congrats! Did you use Fuelphp framework for the CMS?

    Yes. Absolutely everything except the forums (VBulletin) was using FuelPHP 1.01, which rocks. Thanks for the kind words. :)

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