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Controller generating & warning
  • When run command: php oil g controller offer add i see
    Warning - file_get_contents(D:\var\www\ittech_phpfog\fuel\packages\oil/views/crud/template.php): failed to open stream: 
    No such file or directory in PKGPATH/oil/classes/generate.php on line 321
            Creating view: D:\var\www\ittech_phpfog\fuel\app\views/template.php
            Creating view: D:\var\www\ittech_phpfog\fuel\app\views/offer\add.php
            Creating controller: D:\var\www\ittech_phpfog\fuel\app\classes\controller\offer.php

    Oil version: 1.1
    OS: Win7
  • This is a bug that is fixed in 1.1/develop.

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