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FuelPHP's first cheat sheet
  • Hi everybody, we (the Novius OS team) have just released a cheat sheet for FuelPHP at It is available in various formats: website, mobile and PDF. What's more, it is generated directly from Fuel's documentation, so that it will be easier to keep up to date. We hope you'll find it as useful as we do! You'll notice we've only documented the core so far. We wanted to have your feedback before moving on to the packages. For the contributions to be as easy as possible, we've made the cheat sheet a GitHub repo We're looking forward to hear from you guys!
  • Good work!
    i agree with the plugin idea specially for Firefox XD
  • We haven't had the chance to work on the cheat sheet since its launch. I hope we'll find the time to improve it in the upcoming months. If we do, browser extension will be top of the features' list! By the way, if any of you guys feels like modifying the cheat sheet, please go ahead. It's an open source project after all
  • I love it, awesome job! I will definitely be using this.
  • Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
  • Brillian Job!! Really love it. Would be great if we also have this as a Google Extension, something like Thanks for that.
  • Thank you Daniel. We hadn't thought about a browser extension. You're right, that'd be great. We'll have a look into it.
  • That's pretty awesome, I'll cast another vote for a browser extension, would come in handy for sure
  • EXCELLENT. Definitely bookmarking this! Thanks a lot - shared on G+ :D
  • Many thanks Jordan and Jaap for your messages.
    We thought people would ask for the cheat sheet to be extended to the packages. Finally it appears a browser extension is more sought after. Getting feedback early is always a good idea!
  • Brilliant work! Browser extension would be great :) Thanks for your contribution to this brilliant framework.

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