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  • Hello,
    First of all, Fuel rocks!!
    Have been playing around with the views, controllers, really nice Oil though, I do some scaffolding, refine the migration and all is fine. When I type in the URLs in my browser, like /post/create, or /post, i never get any view whatsover. It is using the files from the /views folder. But other then a title en the Fuelphp footer i see no view. Am i missing something?
  • I'm having the same issue with a fresh install. I get a white screen without any output in the view source. It generated a controller, model, migration, and all the CRUD views. Below is the command I ran:
    oil g scaffold user username:string[50] password:string[255] email:string[255] is_active:int[4]
  • A completely white screen could be an indication of an error, and error reporting turned off. What does the application log (enable it in app/config/config.php if needed) and your webserver log say?
  • Thanks for the help! Error reporting was already enabled and the Apache error log was empty. After deleting the database and Fuel install, then starting from scratch it's now working properly. I guess something went awry during the original setup.
  • Have you checked the view to see if something was actually generated? If you see a title and a footer, at least something is being send to the browser.

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