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Drop-in Package for CKEditor
  • I created this package to allow for an easy drop-in for CKEditor. You can find it on Github here. If you use the package, you'll have to download CKEditor yourself. I'ts not included. Check the readme on Github for installation instructions. The class is well documented so you can have a look at it if you need more information. Once the package is in your FuelPHP packages folder, creating an editor is a simple as this:
    echo ckeditor($text_area_name, $default_value, (array) $options, (array) $events);

    Or you can use an instance of the class and do your own thing.
  • Hi alwarren,

    Its really a nice plugin just took 5 mins to use ckeditor : ).

    But I'm not getting browse button within image insert form. Please can you suggest what can be done?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I've cleaned this up and refactored it. You can find it here:

    The most prominent change I made was made the functions static. This removes the need to re-declare any function(s) you wish to use in the bootstrap.php (or in this case, the core.php file).

    After loading the package (either manually or through autoloading) you may now create an instance of CKEditor as such:

    echo CKEditor::editor();
  • help me! i don't know add extra plugin of ckeditor with package of you! Can you help me?
  • That github repo doesn't seen to be online anymore, that would be the location to ask the author.

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