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scaffold admin without simpleauth?
  • Hi, Is there a way to build scaffold admin from OIL without using simpleauth? I wanted to create my own user management and authentication. Thanks. -Arnold
  • Then replace it after scaffolding? Or alternatively provide your own generation templates. The default ones are in oil/views/admin, you can copy the tree to your app/views folder, and modify to your liking.
  • so I'll copy packages/oil/view/admin and place it on app/oil/view/admin? Is that the right structure?
  • Same question here :)
  • Actually I tried copying the tree like you said WanWizard, but oil isn't using them when scaffolding/generating.
  • I went through the code, and in most places the templates are loaded using View::forge(), which will search your app's views folder. But some were loaded using file_get_contents(), and loaded them hardcoded from PKGPATH. I've just fixed this in 1.1/develop, so if you're using that it should work now.
  • And its safe to use 1.1/develop in production? Thanks!
  • And I only have to update my fuel/packages/oil folder from 1.1/develop, right?
  • No, 1.1/develop of a package will require 1.1/develop in the core (and your app too). You can't just upgrade a single package. Having said that, 1.1/develop is very stable at the moment, much more than the 1.1 release, as we've spend most of the time bugfixing. We will be releasing a 1.2 in the near future will be based on the current develop. Most people use it to develop on, all my projects run on 1.1/develop (it's the best way to find bugs), we also develop our new "Fuel Depot" community site on 1.1/develop.
  • Alright sounds good ! Now, I really don't want to upgrade my current 1.1/master to 1.1/develop by hand. I have unfortunately downloaded FuelPHP as a ZIP on github, not as a clone of the repo as submodules. Is there way I can easily add Fuel as submodules in my current repo? Thanks again for all the help Wiz!
  • Depends on what you call easy. If your current app installation is a git repo, you can just delete the core and all package folders, and then use "git submodule add <repo> <path>" to add the core and package repo's to yours. After you have done that, you have to go in each of the folders and do a "git checkout 1.1/develop", for some reason adding a submodule doesn't select the default branch.
  • Awesome, thanks a lot for the tip! One last question - as I'm using the sentry package, will checking out a branch remove it at the same time, or leave it be? Same question if I add other packages. Thanks again, really appreciate the help!
  • Not entirely sure what you mean. A repository is just a folder structure on disk, you can have a lot of them, and they don't interfere with each other. A git repository holds all information for all branches that you have in your repository (with by default is all branches that were present in the remote repository that you cloned). Switching branches just means applying the diffs that are linked to the commits. So you can switch back and forth as much as you want, I use that a lot in testing new feature, switch between 1.1/develop and the feature branch containing the feature I work on.
  • No problem, I will just remove my current fuel/core and fuel/packages, git clone them, and create git submodule for both. Is that a good plan? ;)
  • Either clone them (and maintain them manually) or create a submodule for them (which does the cloning for you).
  • Sounds good! Any guide or resources for doing it the submodule way? Thanks again!
  • Github has a pretty decent help page:

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