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$database is empty when the _select_db function is called
  • Hi,
    I have an issue with my connection :
    $database is empty when the _select_db function is called I have a mysql database
    I have of course configures my file return array(
    'default' => array(
    'connection' => array(
    'dsn' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=blog',
    'username' => 'root',
    'password' => '',
    ); any idea ?
    (if I put a $database='blog' just before the call it works aof course) thx
  • I'm a bit confused here. _select_db() is a method in the MySQL and MySQLi connection drivers. But you're using PDO syntax in your db.php? What driver is configured (it's in app/config/db.php)? If not PDO, remove the 'dsn', and replace it by hostname, port, username, password and database, as described in the documentation.
  • Ok it works now. First I had switched to mysql because I tought it is what I have to do. But now I have configured PDO and it's OK
    thks for your help

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