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Link users together
  • Hi,
    I am using the simpleauth package, with a single model User In my idea, I have 3 types of users :
    doctor the familly user must be related to a patient user (and only 1 of course).
    I tried to add an user_id property and change my Model_User with :
    protected static $_belongs_to = array('user');
    protected static $_has_one = array('user'); but the link doesn't work.
    Any idea to do this with fuel PHP ? thx
  • I have created a new table "liaisons" with the patient_id and the familly_id to store the link
    My new issue ( ;) ) is how to get the username of the linked user when I show all my users : $data = Model_User::find('all'); ?? thx
  • That depends on how you have defined your relations.

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