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[ Error ]: No matching function for overloaded 'render'
  • Running into an issue deploying to production on CentOS. Hoping someone can point me the right direction. On a number of views I manually call render:
    <?php echo render('_validation'); ?>

    Works great on local and on a test server on Rackspace. Moved to production and get this error:
    ErrorException [ Error ]: No matching function for overloaded 'render'

    Environment is set correctly. Config files are in the config/production folder. APPPATH and COREPATH are correct. Could it be an issue with the virtual host setup?
  • I'm working with eggsurplus on this one... We found that using the following doesn't give the error:
    <?php echo View::forge('_validation'); ?>

    I'm still curious as to why a call to render() doesn't work, as it's essentially doing the same thing, minus the render() call after the forge:
    // from fuel/core/base.php
    if ( ! function_exists('render'))
        function render($view, $data = null, $auto_filter = null)
            return \View::forge($view, $data, $auto_filter)->render();

    Something strange is going on, and I'm wondering if it's a php issue with static things in the 5.3.3 build we have.

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