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Configuration problem 'base_url'
  • Hi to all!. I new to fuelphp coming from CI i have a configuration problem on 'base_url' => 'http://localhost/fuelphptest/public/',
    What i want to do is just like in CI when you config the base url you put this line and routes your application to it, but instead of doing that every time i have to go to localhost/fuelphptest and then click on public folder.
  • The public folder should be at [url=http://localhost,]http://localhost,[/url] and everything else should be above that. It's much more secure this way. It is different to CodeIgniter in that respect. How is your local server setup?
  • I'm developing locally on ubuntu so yo mean above /www in the var/ directory?
    because all of the localhost files point to /var/www. I have it install on my server also but there was piceofcake just rename public to be html and everything else outside o it an it's working perfectly, but i just want to know how to on my local development enviroment. Because it's kind of ... having to go [url=http://localhost/fuelphptest/public]http://localhost/fuelphptest/public[/url] every time if you know what i mean.
  • If you're serious about local development, look into setting up virtual hosts for your different projects, instead of dumping all of them in directories of /var/www. It allows you to setup proper hostnames, as localhost is not valid as per RFC and will cause problems when trying to set cookies. And you can set a documentroot for every virtual host. For FuelPHP installations, you set the the documentroot to the public folder.

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