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Renaming fuel directory gives errors
  • I have got my public files in a sub-directory that is visible to site users. My fuel directory is beneath the document root and in case I want to have different applications with fuel I want to rename the directory from fuel to fuel_appname. However, when doing so and after altering the index.php file in my public directory to reflect this change I get lots of php errors about not being able to load files. If I change everything back to fuel it works fine so I am not incorrectly referencing where the core files are located. Anybody got any clues as to why and how to resolve it?
  • If you change the default locations, all you need to do is the change the defines in your public/index.php (APPPATH, PKGPATH and COREPATH). If you use oil, you have to do the same there, and if you use phpunit testing, you also need to change core/bootstrap_phpunit.php and phpunit.xml. Other than this, no changes are needed.
  • i've changed the first 3 and get PHP errors - I'm not at the dev computer at the moment so can't remember what they are. I'll try the other changes (not using oil currently as I want to understand how the ORM works better) and let you know if that resolves the problem.
  • For the app, only the changes in index.php are relevant. If you have changed those, either you've changed them wrong, or you have a rights issue (the user that runs your webserver can't access files in the new location).

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