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LDAP authentication
  • Hi all: I need to make an application that can authenticate users using LDAP and if possible with the package SimpleAuth ... this is possible?

    Hola a todos: Necesito realizar una aplicación que permita autenticar los usuarios mediante LDAP y si es posible con el paquete SimpleAuth ...¿esto es posible?
  • You can copy the Simpleauth class to something else, configure your class as the auth driver, and have it deal with the LDAP interface. Just make sure that your class contains at least all methods defined as abstract in the login driver.
  • Thanks for answering WanWizard! I've been working with FuelPHP few days and still do not quite understand its operation. Is there an example that I can share? An example ... even easier.

    Gracias por responderme WanWizard! Llevo pocos dias trabajando con FuelPHP y todavía no entiendo muy bien su funcionamiento. ¿Existe un ejemplo que me pueda compartir? ...aunque sea un ejemplo facil.
  • Don't know if such an example exists. But it's not that difficult:
    - create a file called app/classes/auth/login/ldapauth.php (or some other name)
    - create the class in it: class Auth_Login_LdapAuth extends \Auth_Login_Driver
    - copy the config/auth.php config file from the package to app/config
    - in app/config/auth.php, change the driver from SimpleAuth to LdapAuth
    - then go thru all methods of SimpleAuth and copy their definition to LdapAuth, then add the code
    - leave the SimpleGroup references in place if you want to keep using those

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