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How do I add profile_fields?
  • I have been trying to get this to work, but really need an example. What to add company and phone to signup. Thanks in advance.
  • Just use the update_user() method. You pass it an array of field => value pairs (and optionally a user name), any fields in this array that are not part of the table will automatically be added to the profile fields.
  • I downloaded the station wagon example to get an idea hot FuelPHP works. under classes/controllers class Controller_Users extends Controller_Common In this controller, I see no code to update/add users. Should I be looking at the packages Auth area? I just had my hosting provider move me to PHP 5.3 So I am looking at learning Fuel instead of CI at this point. Thanks WanWizard.
  • I'm not sure how up to date Stationwagon is, check if it will run on 1.1/develop, as we're about to release v1.2 which is based on the latest develop branch. I also don't know how complete the application is. Instead, you might want to have a look at our depot project (it's in the fuel/depot repo on github). We intend to use this as an "official" example application, and I'm trying to use as many FuelPHP features in it as possible. Altough it's far from finished at the moment, it does have a working authentication, and a standard admin backend generated by oil admin scaffolding.
  • Thanks WanWizard. Just downloaded depot. Best Regards Frank
  • I case you haven't noticed: depot uses git submodules pointing at 1.1/develop branch versions of the different components it needs. You need to update all of them to make sure the latest version is fetched, as submodules point to a specific commit hash, and not to the repo's HEAD...

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