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\Package::load works fine on local/dev.. production needs \Fuel\Core\Package
  • Hi, like the title says
    Am I missing something? Seems I need to provide a more absolute path or my package won't load dynamically Cheers
  • Local = Windows? Prod = Linux? Perhaps a case issue in either the path or the package name? Or in the files of the packages themselfs.
  • Local = Macbook + MAMP
    Prod = CentOS 5.0 64-bit, Apache, Directadmin This works locally: \Package::
    In production it has to be \Fuel\Core\Package:: I wonder what causes this behaviour, as I use the exact same source on both machines
  • And only for Package? Because the framework access all other core classes from the global namespace as well, so if it's a global fault (for example with the bootstrap), nothing would work. Do you have the exact error message and it's backtrace?
  • Well, turns out I cannot seem to reproduce it, when yesterday I could. I tried both \Package (which failed) en \Fuel\Core\Package quite a few times before I posted this. Obviously it was some kind of resolving issue. I must say I was playing around with hosts files and docroot, but apart from dyn loading this package all of Fuel was fine, just this one package I took out the \Fuel\Core part on production and was expecting the same error, but zippo, stumped Still trying to understand what happened. To be correct; when writing portable code using \Package is the way, right? I don't mind writing longer paths. I don't understand why all of Fuel seemed to be loaded, it gave me a nice Fuelformatted error, but then to fail on not finding \Model_Crud when my package requested it. I debugged all paths in public_html/index.php all where just fine. And preloading the package from config gave me the same result, did find the package, just not Mode_Crud Anyway, thanx for popping in. If I encounter this again I'll post all my info her
  • Correct, all core classes are aliased from the Fuel\Core namespace to the global namespace, to allow you to extend them. You should never (need to) use the Fuel\Core prefix.
  • Turns out I had one packagename hardcoded with a capital, which seems to work fine on my local MAMP install. \Package::load('Getcontent');, works locally, not on server
    \Package::load('getcontent');, works on both Might have missed a convention here, I guess would be lowercase is the prefered choice here?

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