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Migrations and Environments
  • Hi, I have a question about migrations and environments. If I create "app/config/development/migrations.php" and
    "oil refine migrate" updates tables in development database. And I create "app/config/test/migrations.php" and
    "env FUEL_ENV=test oil refine migrate" updates tables in test database. But "oil refine migrate" updates only "core/config/migrations.php". app/config/development/migrations.php and app/config/test/migrations.php are not updated. Is this something wrong? or am I something wrong with Migrations usage?
    Or no problem at all?
  • Migrations do not support environments the way you want it at the moment. It stores the config file in app/config. The assumption is that one installation only serves one environment, the environments are meant for deployment to different servers. It was never made so you could switch environments within a single installation. Could you create a ticket for this on
  • Thank you, WanWizard! I created a ticket:

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