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Fatal error: Class 'Asset' not found
  • When I try to open the index page of the site that comes with Fuel on my localhost, I get this message: "Fatal error: Class 'Asset' not found." Any ideas why this is happening? I have not modified any files that come with Fuel.
  • What have you exactly installed? And how?
  • I extracted the zip file download of v1.1 of Fuel and placed it in a folder (My Documents --> My Web Sites --> fuelphp1). I've set up IIS 7 to connect to the site (localhost) as me. I'm not sure what else would be relevant.
  • Oh...Php is v5.3.10 and no extensions installed. I had 21 extensions installed before but had the same problem.
  • I was wondering if all repositories were installed, and of the same version. But I assume if you download the zip, the core and some packages are present in the zip, and of the correct version. I'm clueless here, by the time FuelPHP gets to processing the view (which contains that Asset call), is has used a lot of other classes from the core, which seem to work fine.
  • Yeah, I must have broken something not in Fuel, PHP, or Apache (I switched to WAMP from IIS) but the question is what???
  • The class is there (in /fuel/core/classes/asset.php)? All lower case? Rights to the file ok?
    Did you check the PHP logs? Any errors or other messages? I still find it very odd. By the time you get to processing the view file which contains the Asset call, the framework has loaded over a dozen classes from that same core/classes folder. Including the core class 'Fuel' itself. So why do they all work, and does Asset fail?
  • Actually, the log contains no additional info (just the same error) but the name of the log itself could be a clue: "PHP_via_FastCGI_errors.log" This is strange because my php.ini (it should be the right one based on phpinfo() output) doesn't reference a log with this name. But maybe there's some kind of FastCGI problem even though I've uninstalled IIS in Windows Features.
  • Looks like some major digging operation is in order. ;)
  • I've posted the question on Stack Overflow and I'll post the answer here if someone figures out what's going on. I might resort to buying a new computer first, though! j/k
  • I don't think buying a new computer would solve it. Getting rid of Windows might help... ;)

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