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NinjAuth - Error if user hits Cancel at Facebook/Google auth page
  • We've been using NinjAuth alongside local auth successfully for a few weeks and it's worked correctly for FB, Twitter, Google. We just noticed that if an unauthenticated user starts the oauth dialog (i.e. clicks Facebook button) but clicks Cancel on the Facebook auth landing page, Facebook redirects back to our callback URL. That's correct behavior, but NinjAuth errors out in a big way because it's expecting a 'code' parameter (presumably from a successful auth). In other words, NinjAuth apparently doesn't handle the case where the user starts to auth and then cancels. We're running the most recent releases of ninjauth and oauth2 to date. This same problem occurs when attempting to auth Google. If anyone has a working installation of NinjAuth, we'd love to hear what happens when you click Cancel during Facebook/ Google auth sequence. Many thanks.
  • I do, but i haven't implemented a Facebook or Google login as of yet.
  • Maybe report this issue here: so the author can have a look at it...
  • Thanks. Posted. No response after a week but I'll keep checking. The way I understand this problem, all ninjauth installations are effected. I don't see anything in the code to handle the case where the user hits 'Cancel' on the Facebook/Google auth page. Is anyone here using Ninjauth? and are they not seeing the error described above? Thanks

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