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"Error: Unable to read existing migrations" when trying to generate model/scaffold
  • Hello, im trying to get in FuelPHP by following Philip Sturgeons Tutorial ( But im not able to create any model or scaffold using oil. I always get the message
    "Error: Unable to read existing migrations. Do you have an 'open_basedir' defined?".
    The FuelPHP project has full root rights on every file and folder, there is no open_basedir set and also no safe_mode or anything else. An empty "migration" table shows up in my database, created by FuelPHP. However i cannot generate anything using oil... Anyone can help? Thanks
  • The error is about the migrations.php config file, that can not be accessed for some reason. Which FuelPHP version are you on? I would suggest using 1.2RC1, which is a lot more stable than 1.1, and contains quite a few bugfixes and improvements in both the oil package and the Migrate class.
  • Im on 1.2 RC1. As i said, all files and folders have full 777 rights and theres no basedir restriction. I also didnt move any file out of the original folder structure. The page with its initial welcome-controller and view is also accessible without any errors. But scaffolding dont work. I have no idea whats wrong ... :(
  • Harro Verton wrote on Monday 7th of May 2012:
    The error is about the migrations.php config file, that can not be accessed for some reason.
    Wait a second... there has to be a migrations.php config file? Shouldnt FuelPHP create this one? There is nothing in the documentation or the tutorial, telling i have to create it manually to make scaffolding work?
  • Problem solved! I didnt realize that there were separate php.ini files on my server:
    One for my virtual host, which was absolutely ok, but also one in /etc/php5/cli which is explicite for running php on the console. In this file safe_mode was on, so FuelPHP couldnt create the files. So if someone ever get the same problem ... now you know it ;-)

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