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Custom templates for scaffolding generate
  • Hello, currently i'm checking the operation of oil generate scaffold. I could see that it is easy to generate, from a different template subfolder, custom templates. Currently, there is a folder template for CRUD and ORM. I wish I could make my own subfolder in order to generate the files from my own template. I think it would be interesting to add a config or option to be able to create template files, outside of the folder packages / oil / views / scaffolding to be able to update the oil package oil. Currently, I use something like this: $ php oil generate scaffold/custom_template monkey name:string description:text However, I had to create the folder "fuel/packages/oil/views/scaffolding/custom_template" Thank You Maxime Beaudoin
  • There is no need to modify anything in the package. You can copy the default templates to app/views, and modify them there.
  • Awesome !!! Thank You
  • Just make sure the folder structure is the same as in the package, and it should work just fine.

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